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A couple of weeks ago, while visiting Los Angeles, my 2014 JGC ecodiesel started leaking coolant like mad. I had to travel for work the next day, so I had it towed to the nearest dealership. When they called me the next day, they said they traced the leak to a feed hose to the EGR, and it would take about 5-6 hours to fix. Their shop rate was $240/hour, but they had me over a barrel at that point, so I agreed to the work.

When I picked it up five days later, I found out that they had also performed Recall W79 to replace the EGR cooler. (I wasn't aware of the recall at the time, and they never mentioned this work on the phone.)

They still charged me for 5.5 hours of labor ($1335) and 5 overpriced parts to fix the coolant leak:
I asked them why they were charging me for almost a full day's labor to replace parts that, in my opinion, should have taken minutes to replace when they had the EGR cooler out. The service tech said it was a totally separate repair, and that none of the work overlapped. I'm not buying it.

Am I crazy, or is did this dealership actually double-charge me for work they did under the EGR recall? I'm planning to fight this and get most of my money back, but want to back it up with some evidence. I contacted Jeep to request a breakdown of the steps required to complete the recall, but they said it was proprietary info.

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To make matters worse, I was leaving LA the Saturday after I got my car back. The day I was leaving, the MIL came on, throwing codes p200a (intake runner 1), p200b (intake runner 2), and p2d2e (cold start intake runner performance bank 1 and 2). I could also smell coolant on the engine. I ended up driving for 8 hours without a problem, and dropped it off at another dealership in Sedona, Arizona.

The service director at that dealership came out to personally apologize to me when I picked it up. He said he normally doesn't talk bad about other Jeep dealers, but said that the LA dealership gives people like him a bad name. They had to replace several of the parts that the LA dealer had just installed, and couldn't find any evidence of some of the work they had claimed to do.

Have you had any luck fighting a charge through a dealership?
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