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I have had the same issues with my 2012 model. It all begin during long road trips (obviously with the music cranked). I would find my sound unit go completely mute and would stay that way for a very long time. Although the nav screen still worked (along with the volume buttons as I could see myself adjusting the sound up and down), still no sound would come out. I tried cutting the car off and then turning it back on but to no avail, still nothing changed.

If I let the car sit for a hour or so then the unit would resume as normal. I have also had instances where the volume button did not work also.

I have since taken my unit to the dealership and had the unit replaced with a new one (I took video clips of the issues as they were happening so the guys at the dealership wouldnt just pass it off as a glitch).

Now that I have the "new" nav, I do not experience sound problems however I do still experience other problems like the reverse screen (back up camera) displaying when NOT in reverse, the screen getting stuck in a certain mode, as well as the actual navigation component messing up.

Not sure if this helps but you are definitely not alone on this.
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