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And the Beat Goes On!

I just realized that (eventually) owning a Dodge or Chrysler product seems to run in my family for several generations. I was talking with my brother yesterday -- showing off my new Durango Citadel -- and he revealed that he and his wife used to own a Jeep Cherokee back in the 60s.

I don't remember it, as all I ever saw him drive were Rambler Station Wagons. For a young family, a Rambler was perfect!

But my Dad always drove Chrysler or Dodge products. As did his Father before him.

I've owned two PT Cruisers that I loved, and now the Durango. I always fancied myself as a Chevrolet guy -- my first car that I bought was a Chevelle Malibu painted bright red with black stripes and a white interior to mimic the Chevelle SS (I paid $3,500 for it and my Dad said I was CRAZY to pay that much for a car!). I loved the Bow Tie emblem at that age because, well, the Playboy Bunny wore one. Seriously! :eek:

Later, I bought a used '65 Corvette that nearly put me in the Poor House -- I sold it for $6,500 and am kicking myself, now. But after that it was always a series of imports -- VW Scirocco, and Hondas. I never owned a Toyota (dealers were always too arrogant), but I did buy a '78 Ford Mustang sedan -- which was a HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A MUSTANG (what were they thinking??)! :eek:

The PT Cruiser touched a Retro-nerve in me, I guess. I put 1959 Cadillac Rocket Taillights on my 2004 -- THAT was cool! :cool:
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