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Anyone know of a reputable tire shop/roadforce balancer in Toronto?

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I just traded in my 2012 Limited in for a 2014 Overland two weeks ago. Probably not a smart move, but it is what it is. Anyway, I have the same dreaded vibration at highway speeds I had with the old one that I chased for the whole year I owned it.

When I took the 2014 out for a test drive, it was smooth. I just came from a 2 hour drive and it is now exhibiting the same vibration characteristics as my previous one - smooth for the first 1/2 hour of driving at all speeds, then progressively worse at around 120 km/h and over. Strangely though, none through the steering wheel this time. I'm so sick of this. The dealership said they rears balanced out properly. I want to have it looked at by an independent shop but, like anyone, I want to be able to trust the job. I keep reading how the roadforce is only as good as the guy doing it.

Anyone have a shop in the Toronto/Mississauga/Scarborough area they can recommend?
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The following link should help you. Hunter GSP9700 Wheel vibration Control System solves wheel vibration and tire pull problems that balancers and aligners can't fix Please let us know whom you used and the progress of your issue. I live in the Toronto area too.
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