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Anyone know of a reputable tire shop/roadforce balancer in Toronto?

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I just traded in my 2012 Limited in for a 2014 Overland two weeks ago. Probably not a smart move, but it is what it is. Anyway, I have the same dreaded vibration at highway speeds I had with the old one that I chased for the whole year I owned it.

When I took the 2014 out for a test drive, it was smooth. I just came from a 2 hour drive and it is now exhibiting the same vibration characteristics as my previous one - smooth for the first 1/2 hour of driving at all speeds, then progressively worse at around 120 km/h and over. Strangely though, none through the steering wheel this time. I'm so sick of this. The dealership said they rears balanced out properly. I want to have it looked at by an independent shop but, like anyone, I want to be able to trust the job. I keep reading how the roadforce is only as good as the guy doing it.

Anyone have a shop in the Toronto/Mississauga/Scarborough area they can recommend?
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A shout out to this thread....I decided to take my 2000 Wrangler to a shop with one of those Hunter Road Force Balancing machines. I've had vibration at 65mph for years, and the tire shop I use could do nothing. So I found a shop that could road force balance, and so far it looks like it has worked a charm.
Side note - I found a list of local shops on the Hunter website. First place I called quoted my $232.00. Next one I called was $80.00. The inefficiencies in the auto maintenance business are scary.
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