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Bring the chic and tell her to bring some friends. :D
Man im torn here guys dam she is a freak to dam dam dam ...BRO'S before ho's right lol...Look my truck is not even here its off getting hood done guy said it be ready friday we see and my new stage 8 bolts and header gaskets going on friday night this is cutting it close lol...

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due to reasons beyond my control i will not be able to make it guys. sorry:(
You suck! :slapfight:

damn, i already have plans on saturday. :(
Damn bro, I was looking forward to meet you at the track again.

Man what u saying u dont like fat people lol...Mario already said he dont and joe as well
Don't be putting words in my mouth Shawn. The only fat person I don't like is you :lol:.
j/k bro, even thou you weight close to 400 lbs don't mean I don't like you.
Go on a diat bro, you're slowing the heck out of your jeep, with that weight even if you get an SRT8 with a 440, SC or Turbo you still be running 14s. That's like running down the 1/4 mile dragging an anchor :lol: :lol: :lol:. OK ok... I'll stop... I'm LOL :D.

can't do sat devs flyers game:)
You already said you were not going BPOD... Thanks for re-confirming thou ;).
You suck :slapfight:

Count me out no way im passing this chance up sorry guys
Why? Niner not ready yet? Leave now bro, see you in the AM ok.

joe there about 10 ss going also
Yes they are ready to go.

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BTW- I have over 500 miles on the SRT8 now. In one week I put 500 miles on her. LMAO.

After ATCO I am going to get an oil change. :lol:

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no go for my today, made plans as of last week to get x-mas pics with the kids. oh well, maybe next time. but if there gonna be racing tomorrow ill go n see
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