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Audio build for beginner: Advice needed

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Hi guys,
The time has come for my 2011 Jeep’s audio system to be upgraded. To put it mildly I am not quite knowledgeable about this stuff so I would really appreciate your comments here.
The proposed set up is as follows:
Front doors: Hertz HSK 165
Back doors: Focal IC 165
Amp: Alpine PDX-v9
Sub; JL Stealthbox or custom made enclosure with one of slim line Phoenix Gold subs (I have not decided which way to go yet.
I do not have any experience in this field so the installation works will be done for me. The guys I contacted with this request suggested installing PAC SOEM-4 4-Channel Premium Line-Out Converter. I am not quite sure if it is really needed as I have not seen that anybody mentioned this thing here. On the other hand the installers are one of the best in town and obviously know their trade. I also read a ton of woeful reviews for this converter with complaints about adding noise etc. So, I am a bit lost here if it is really needed and if yes what should be used instead of this particular model.

The guys also suggested doing doors deadening which I guess should improve sound quality. Could anybody please tell if the results of the deadening are really worth it?

Finally, I am wondering if anybody ever dealt with Phoenix subs. I understand that they are inferior to JL. However, it may be possible that in custom made enclosure it will be possible to go with 12” slimline sub which may bring sound to a better level. Just a thought…

Could please anybody help me with this questions? It looks like the project is going to blow a hole in our budget of almost $4K so I do not have room for mistakes.

PS I have Laredo with basic 6 speakers (no sub or Alpine gear) and factory 430 unit which I am going to keep.
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You are lucky you don't have the OE Alpine system, otherwise you'd be in for a lot more money/equipment. Your plan sounds OK, but....I would rethink the rear speakers. Either keep them stock, or get matching Hertz coaxes. It's not a great idea to run 2 different brands/types in front & rear. The PAC LOC should work OK for you. If not, step up to an AudioControl LC2i or LC6i. In general, regular subs outperform slim subs. PG makes some good gear, but it's becoming less common. If you go the custom box route, I'd pick a regular 10" over a shallow 12" (unless you can afford JL's shallow sub). Deadening and sealing your doors are worth it, but it will be quite expensive if you are paying someone to do it (especially if they use Dynamat).

Do you have a budget? $4k sounds like a lot for that gear. The parts alone are ~$1700. Bring it to $2K for wire/deadening. That means they are charging another $2K for install! I would find a buddy who can help (it's not that hard). You are also paying a lot for the front speakers. I'd think of a less expensive set (google JBL MS-62C, Morel Tempo, HAT Imagines, etc.) -- especially if you are running off of OE deck w/o a DSP. The sound coming from the crappy 430 will not do a $500 pair of speakers justice.
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Ahh -- OK - I didn't realize you were down under. That would affect prices. If you already have the Hertzs for the front, I'd try them with your existing plan, but skip the rear speaker upgrade for now. You may need those funds towards a DSP, or the LCQ1.

All I know, is I'm currently using an LC6i on my Alpine 430N in my Ram. It sounds good, but I need more EQing. I'm tempted to try an AudioControl EQ after the LC6i, but I also may just splurge for the MS-8. You won't have as many problems, since you don't have the OE Alpine amp. You can always try it first with the cheap LOC, and see if it sounds OK. After all wiring is run, it's easy to swap in different gear.
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