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Audio build for beginner: Advice needed

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Hi guys,
The time has come for my 2011 Jeep’s audio system to be upgraded. To put it mildly I am not quite knowledgeable about this stuff so I would really appreciate your comments here.
The proposed set up is as follows:
Front doors: Hertz HSK 165
Back doors: Focal IC 165
Amp: Alpine PDX-v9
Sub; JL Stealthbox or custom made enclosure with one of slim line Phoenix Gold subs (I have not decided which way to go yet.
I do not have any experience in this field so the installation works will be done for me. The guys I contacted with this request suggested installing PAC SOEM-4 4-Channel Premium Line-Out Converter. I am not quite sure if it is really needed as I have not seen that anybody mentioned this thing here. On the other hand the installers are one of the best in town and obviously know their trade. I also read a ton of woeful reviews for this converter with complaints about adding noise etc. So, I am a bit lost here if it is really needed and if yes what should be used instead of this particular model.

The guys also suggested doing doors deadening which I guess should improve sound quality. Could anybody please tell if the results of the deadening are really worth it?

Finally, I am wondering if anybody ever dealt with Phoenix subs. I understand that they are inferior to JL. However, it may be possible that in custom made enclosure it will be possible to go with 12” slimline sub which may bring sound to a better level. Just a thought…

Could please anybody help me with this questions? It looks like the project is going to blow a hole in our budget of almost $4K so I do not have room for mistakes.

PS I have Laredo with basic 6 speakers (no sub or Alpine gear) and factory 430 unit which I am going to keep.
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Here is my input. On my 2012 with Alpine audio, for about 3k I did a Kenwood Excelon HU, Alpine PDX V9 amp, JL audio stealth box, Focal IS165 components and IC 165 coaxial for the rear door, PAC audio adapters to retain rear camera and steering wheel controls, plus wiring and mounting hardware. Best route to go. Best sound and nice clear audio signal from the HU to the amp and the Focal speakers are amazing. So nice clean and crisp.
As I previously told you, to get the full effect you need to change out the Headunit so you have clear audio signals to the amp. Stop letting the stop amp, go through another unit before hitting the main amp. I am sorry you are disappointed but I told you you probably would be unless you went all out and got a new headunit.
You can retain factory look and function with an aftermarket too. Your choices are not limited. I still have full steering wheel controls for my Kenwood, and backup camera.

I'm telling you, you spent this much. Go the extra mile and do it and you won't be diss appointed.
Again, if you bought a HU, you will have a clean signal path to the amp powering the speakers and Sub. Also, The HU processor will equalize just about any input and allow you to tune, add eq, DSP, etc.

I went the same route you did at first but with an Audiocontrol LC7i, but was not pleased. The moment I spring for a Kenwood Excelon HU I have never looked back. Adding cloth will do nothing.

Also, a HU will give you power output options to the speakers to minimize the harshness out of the tweeters since they are mounted so high.

You sir can do what you want to try to get this to work, but it sounds like you won't like it anyways. My last bit if advice, spring for a quality HU with an equalizer and you will be much better off at enjoying it, but hey, don't take my word for it, I've only gone down this route already....
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I ran a new mic wire up behind the drivers side a pillar and clipped the mic at the top. Don't see the wire. I also ran the new USB wire from my Kenwood through the center stack and had it come out the same place the the USB hub is. I also ran the second USB cable to my glove box for access for updating. No wires are seen. And again, I retained all the stock functions of the steering wheel controls via a PAC unit. Stop trying to convince yourself otherwise. Lol
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