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BillsHoe arrived

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Hello all ran into Joe today Elvis and he put me on to this site. What's up all
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People you must watch this guy. He likes to spy on people from windows. :D :eek:

Welcome brother!!!!!!

Really, Bill's a great guy. Cool dude.
what's up bill!!! glad to have you here... i think i met you at the hooter's meet in paramus but can't remember
Bill Welcome to the best Jeep site there is!
Welcome and I think it has to be said:pics:
Thank you all yes I was at the Parumas meet and I logged in on my phone so I will have my info up shortly
Its nice to have some SRT guys here! :) welcome bro!
Its nice to have some SRT guys here! :) welcome bro!
Thank you and glad to be here with the jeep family
Welcome my pervy brother! :)
Not perrvy just the name. Alright I cant back that up you got me
Howdy Billy! Scotty in ole KY! still lovin these sweet rotors yuo hooked me up with!

Glad to have ya and look for more in the SRT section soon!!!
Hey Billy.. I think we met ones in one of those Hooters meetups LOL.. Anyway, Welcome home bro!
Welcome to JG Billy!
That's cool more SRT guys are joining, I was starting to feel a little spoiled over here you know... lol :D.
Welcome! I'm the guy that tried to prank you (with Joe) on April Fools Day.. glad to have you here!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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