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Blackhawk emblem

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My wife was able to find me the blackhawk emblem from the Australian version of our altitude. For those of u that don't know, the blackhawk is what they call the altitude edition in Australia. It's for the most part identical to our altitude here in the states aside from a few minor differences...the blackhawk edition comes with the led headlamps that come standard on our overland and above and turn signal lights in the mirrors, and also with this super cool emblem on the are a few pics of my altitude with the new blackhawk emblem

Emblem Vehicle Logo Font Car

Emblem Logo Font Vehicle Trademark

Land vehicle Vehicle Car White Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle registration plate

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Several have asked about getting these, it would be helpful to post where you got them from and or part numbers and price etc..
That will be the part number.
I am getting no love from searching ebay Aus
Here are the search results - jeep blackhawk badge | eBay

If she could provide a link to the item or seller it would be great.
Groovy, that is the part number, so people can use that as a reference.
I'm not ordering it, I have no interest, but others do.
That is a horrid video.
The what?
Is there any chance that you might be willing to do the same for the much sought after black chrome exhaust tips? The part number is 82212760. You would be my hero forever!
EXHAUST-TAILPIPE | Genuine Mopar | 82212760

NEW Genuine Grand Cherokee WK Black Exhaust TIP 5 7L Part | eBay
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That's a filter, they are chrome and black.
I like pie.
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Reported to the mods. Absolutely ZERO need for this kind of post.
Settle down, are you actively seeking to be offended? Read the context of the comments, it was all good.

The mods will need this to be filled out to take it further.

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