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Blackhawk emblem

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My wife was able to find me the blackhawk emblem from the Australian version of our altitude. For those of u that don't know, the blackhawk is what they call the altitude edition in Australia. It's for the most part identical to our altitude here in the states aside from a few minor differences...the blackhawk edition comes with the led headlamps that come standard on our overland and above and turn signal lights in the mirrors, and also with this super cool emblem on the are a few pics of my altitude with the new blackhawk emblem

Emblem Vehicle Logo Font Car

Emblem Logo Font Vehicle Trademark

Land vehicle Vehicle Car White Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle registration plate

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I had been asking my local and Australian dealers since I first saw the Blackhawk and no one could give me a part number or tell me when it would be available.

Your wife must have started at the top of the food chain instead of the bottom.

Looks good.
Yes I meant trans not team. Did anyone get that with the altitude?
Not available in the U.S.
...and I sold mine for $50 a month ago.
I should have asked a few hundred. :rolleyes:
WTF ...people are putting Blackhawk badges on Base Laredo's and Overland's?
Did I miss something?
You're aware the BlackHawk is the Australian Altitude package?
If you don't have an Altitude/High Altitude you might as well be sticking a SS or Cobra badge on your Jeep.
Doesn't make sense.
I'm aware of that. I'm actually ordering one to put it on a High Altitude I will be getting next year. But even if I was not, I don't see what the big deal is about putting it on any other trim or vehicle. We all like to mod our rigs, yourself included. We are making them our own and honestly most of the population would not even notice it.

Your comment is a bit hypocritical. It is the same as me saying it does not make sense for you to put SRT wheels on your Jeep. Your Jeep is not an SRT. But that's your way of making it your own. So I don't get why you felt the need to post what you did.
I mod my car with mods that make sense. I don't randomly add logos that don't make sense.

My wheels are SRT replica wheels with no logos. I dont advertise the Jeep to be another trim.
I was one of the first people who had a Blackhawk badge in the US and decided to remove it because I thought it looked busy. The Altitude badge is definitely more fitting in size and just makes more sense.

It's black and white. Not hypocritical.
It's just an emblem man. Let's not get all worked up about it. After all, we are all different, so we all have different tastes and ideas. That's what makes this forum so great.
Then don't get all worked about it. It was a post you could have ignored.
You have the right to do whatever you want to your Jeep and I have the right to say it doesn't make sense. MERICA!

Both of you guys don't have Blackhawks, even if they are the most comparable to the Altitude. Altitude still doens't = Blackhawk. And your Altitude really isn't that much better than a Laredo, let's be honest.

If this were going the other way with an SRT badge, I could understand the annoyance. Otherwise, don't be the pot calling the kettle black.

And that Altitude badge is way less attractive than the Blackhawk badge, MOS. Just saying. You should've made a custom one and hopefully that wasn't custom. :rolleyes:
No one said the Altitude was better. It's just a different model with different options and the comparable model in another country is the Blackhawk. Nothing kettle about it.

The badge is OEM and that's what I like about it.
Looks a bit out of place not matching the gloss black on the other side.

I ordered an overland badge for my High alt and I may try to black chrome it or go gloss black. The "overland" wording is lightly raised and should still stick out.

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If everything else on the Jeep was black I would agree but it still has chrome window trim, exhaust tips, and lug nuts.

The Altitude badge is also raised. The black is in the background and the chrome is up front.
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