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Took off the other morning in my 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 headed to my dad's and noticed that when I unlocked it with the key fob that the parking lights didn't flash when it unlocked the door's. I didn't think nothing about it until I went to try my blinkers and nothing. Also the emergency flashers were not working either so I figured the flasher relay had gone bad.

I had a flasher relay for the earlier Jeep grand cherokee's that were 5 pin but I didn't know these were a 9 pin relay for the 99-04 models.

Decided I would check with the local parts store and a BWD brand was 60 bucks!!! I thought maybe he didn't look up the right part so I looked it up on line and yep that was it. I have a 99 JGC that is waiting on me to work on it so I decided to take the relay from it and try it just to be sure that was the problem before I spent 60 bucks for a flasher relay.

Well after swapping out the relay the blinkers are working again and that was the problem. Not the easiest thing to get to but not awful either. Got me a mopar flasher relay ordered from amazon and decided since I have several of these model jeeps I had better get me an extra one too.

Just didn't expect a flasher relay to be so expensive but as long as it's fixed then that's fine. Got to have it.....
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