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Blue Backup Camera Screen UAQ NAV

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Hello and hopefully someone has run into this,
I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee Altitude and I recently upgraded the radio to a 2018 UAQ nav unit and installed a 2015 OEM backup camera. Everything on the UAQ works great; apple carplay, Nav, sirius radio. After installing the OEM camera I ran the OBD Genie. Now I have camera options under settings to turn on/off camera delay and backup lines, BUT I get a blue screen while in reverse. I've tried unplugging the battery and letting it sit 10 minutes. 10 amp Fuse F95 for backup camera reads good.

I double checked that the Jeep is wired for a camera. There are green/brown and green/orange wires run from the connector on the backhatch all the way to pins 31 and 32 in the back of the UAQ. Continuity reads good no grounded wires. I couldn't get a voltage reading (while in reverse) from any other pins except the license plate lights. It looks like there is no difference in how the connectors are pinned between 2015 and 2018 models. Circuits F923 and D403 may be the problem?

ref: Mopar Connection Repair Kit

I'm also wondering if the 2014-2015 camera PN: 68375333AA is compatible with a 2018 UAQ or do I need 2016-2022 camera PN: 68367609AA ?

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Alright so I after tracing wires, Jeep included the backup camera harness from the backup camera up to the connector located at the hinge point of the lift gate. Im missing the 2 wires on the body side for Circuits F923 and D403 the line bus and 12v battery. What a bummer.... I guess I figured Jeep would include the 2 wires the rest of the way.
UPDATE: So I ended up routing wires from the lift-gate connectors located at the hinge line.
Camera In, Camera return, and Camera ground from the lift-gate connector to the back of the radio
D403 Line-bus from the lift-gate to I5020 connector under glove box for variable backup lines
F923 12V to the utility outlet. Originally I used the backup lamp circuit, but the camera wasn't getting a steady current (burned out bulb indication) and the camera flashed on and off. So, I rerouted to the 12V utility outlet.
I also, swapped the camera for one out of a 2018, I think I read it has slightly better resolution, but the 2015 camera wasn't sending any signal on the backup lamp circuit.

Bam! Everything works great now. I hope this helps someone out in the future because this was a headache.
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