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ALL LEDs for your JEEP
Amazingly bright 7440 rear turns - it can be seen in direct sun and are error free - the brightest on the market with no marketing gimmicks just a bright LED bulb that works
D3S Xenon Clean white and bright at a good price - many that might come close to brightness are double the cost!
Fog LEDs that actually spread light further down the road past your headlights - H11 Style
Interior LED kits - choose from red blue or white LEDs
Reverse LED Kit that look like your headlights - photos don't do it justice and you need to see it in person
Brake/tail that are bright and without errors NO CODING NO DASH ERRORS - just perfect LEDs without the hassle

Scroll down to see videos/photos below and listings:

We have been receiving a lot of requests and emails for Headlight, fogs, high beam, low beam, amber turn signals for the Jeep.

We have better & brighter LEDs than many on the market while being plug and play and insanely bright.

This is our effort into advertise our LEDs better as while many trust our brand they do not know what we really offer until after they give us a shot and are amazed by the difference when compared to LEDs they tried in the past and what they have seen others share online.

Our customer feedback is real and honest - many photos are real photos from our customers to best see how they work in person - we never share feedback or photos that will not represent the actualy product you will receive as that will lead to returns and bad customer service. When you shop with us you can guarantee what you see is what you will receive.

Headlight LEDs for Reflector Housing (Halogen housing) Fits many cars including VW, Audi, Jeep | deAutoLED

Fog LEDs:
LED Headlight or Fog Bulb Kit - Error Free - Plug & Play | deAutoLED

Low beam xenon:
New D1S / D2S / D3S Xenon Bulbs - Bright White - No errors - Fits: Many Volkswagen & Audi Models | deAutoLED

Bright amber front turns:
Universal Front Turn Signal LEDs Fits: All Car Models | deAutoLED

-NO Hyper-flashing
-NO Errors
This is one of the LEDs no one believes is this bright until they try it. These are the brightest turns on the market from our testing and we feel you will agree one you try them for yourself.

Interior LED kits
-see videos/photos below and listings below:

All LEDs for the Jeep
Shop by Car Model - Jeep :: (All Years + Trims) | deAutoLED

-Interior LED kit - choose from red blue or white footwells:
Complete Interior LED Kit for the All Jeep models including SRT, overland, Laredo, limited | deAutoLED

-Fade in/out like OEM bulbs
-Clean white color temperature & bright
-Won't stay dimly lit when your car is off

Creates a clean more modern look in your interior - get rid of those dull lights:

Brake/tails - very bright error free plug and play:
Red OSRAM 3157 Brake / Tail / Turn Signal LEDs Fits: Jeep Grand Cherokee & SRT models | deAutoLED

-faster light up times = faster reaction time

Reverse LEDs people can see for miles - our LEDs are not only plug and play without errors they also are useful, they are not like other dim models, they are the brightest option on the market:
Complete Reverse LED Kit for the Jeep including including SRT, overland, Laredo, limited | deAutoLED

These are NOT headlights - they are only reverse LEDs:

Free shipping within the US-we ship daily with a tracking # from the US
True NO hassle Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime customer support

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:
[email protected]

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Sale on again:

If you cannot find something simply email [email protected] for help with a custom kit! Discounts on all custom kits!

-Our LEDs are some of the highest rated lumens and work amazing in projectors
-Many that purchase our kit are comparing it to their past kit and seeing a big difference in light on the road
-Plug & Play meaning this acts just like OEM once installed
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