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Hi Everyone -- I just bought a new 2014 GC Limited, and traded in my 2009 Jeep Liberty (which I loved) and I had a question which I was hoping you could help with.

In my Liberty, when going through songs I had on my Hard Drive on the touch screen you could go to the "Browse" menu, and it would hold your place in terms of where you were/left off at on your songs list, when going through the 500+ songs I had on my Hard Drive.

Now...I use the SD card for my songs in the Grand Cherokee, and when I browse through the songs, I can select, for instance, the 80th song on the list, and hit play.....the "browse list" goes away, and the song title, cover art, etc comes up on the big screen and there is no more "songs list" showing the list of songs that were on the SD card. After I listen to the song, when I hit "browse" again, it goes back to the beginning of the list, and re-starts/goes back to the first song on the SD card, and I have to go all the way back through the list to get to the spot/place where I was at. I then have to go through all the songs again just to get to the place where I was initially.

Is there any way to show the list of songs on the SD card and keep your place, while still browsing after selecting one to play?

Sorry if this was a bit long winded, but this is REALLY annoying to me. Thanks!
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