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The number one most confusing purchase is the soft top & the soft top hardware. This is a general overview of what one can expect assuming those who are selling these items actually know what they are selling.

With the change of seasons, Wrangler owners are switching from hard tops to soft tops. But many of these wrangler owners are not aware of the issues one needs to know when buying items from sites like eBay, Craigslist & Facebook marketplace.

Those selling these items either may not know what they have or the correct year of the vehicle. In fact many times these parts have been taken off years in advance, parts or hardware misplaced along that time frame. I urge anyone before you buy off the above listed sites, consult other wrangler owners about a particular listing or product.

I've been seeing a rash of mislabeled parts being sold to misinformed buyers. 9 out of 10, these listed parts have something to do with soft tops seeing how the season suggested that more are switching from hard top to soft tops. Mislabel tops and the hardware make it extremely difficult for the buyer to know what they are getting.

As a general rule, factory soft top range from 2007 - 2010 then skip to a new design around 2014-2018 Take note that 2011, 2012 & 2013 are some odd ball years. Soft top and the associated hardware will not fit on different mottle years. Then through in someone mislabels mounting hardware or even door surrounds.

The door surrounds would be the next issue. If the door surrounds do not match up with your soft top design, the system will not seal correctly. There are two main versions of soft top styles or designs. The flip in channel design and cable style design. Put together with the wrong soft top, the wrong hardware and the wrong door surrounds your system will be completely useless. Granted Jeep Wranglers are known to leak, but adding all the incorrect parts is more than the buyer asked for.

Match up the correct soft top with the correct door surrounds, then locate the correct hardware or buy kit/pairs where as the soft top, frame, hardware and door surrounds are all included. Hopefully this means the manufactures or the retailer selling these items has tested all of these products on their wrangler to ensure the design fits correctly.

here's a for instance, Currently I have a 2017 jeep Wrangler Unlimited door surrounds for sale. These surrounds are the cable style surrounds which means that your soft top must have a cable running through the outer edges of the fabric. The cable style surrounds will not work with a flip in channel design.

When I refer to a flip in channel design, the soft top have a plastic tab sewn into the fabric then one flips the plastic tab into the door surround channel. This tauts the soft top in place when the vehicle is moving.

The cable style design does not have these plastic flip tabs and the cable design just lays into a channel long the edge of the soft top/surrounds.This design is pulled taut when the header is latched in place and the rear corners of the soft top are flipped into the edge of the cargo rails.
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