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Buying a 2014 Summit Today

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Hello. I’m a new member that’s been lurking this site for a while now. I’m going to purchase a 2014 Cashmere Pearl Summit in a few hours. Since my brother works for Chrysler, I’m getting the EP price which is a pretty good deal without the hassle of haggling.

I thought I’d get the Hemi until I test drove the V6 yesterday back to back with the V8. I was impressed enough with the V6 to sway me in that direction.

I’m not sure I like the 2014 Summit wheels as much as I did the 2013 Summit polished 20” 5 spokes. Would the 2013 wheels fit the 2014?


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Go for the V8 :) You'll thank me later :)

As far as I know they should fit .
Go for the V8 :) You'll thank me later :)

As far as I know they should fit .
Agreed. To answer your question, the 2013 wheels will swap right in with no problem. :thumbsup:
Congrats and Welcome to JeepGarage.

Wheels are the same specs. Enjoy your Summit, she is one classy gal!
Congrats and welcome
Go for the 5.7L. IMHO of course!

Loving my shiny new one.
Thanks for the replies. Just got her home. I'm overwhelmed by the tech! Pulled it into the garage for the first time crawling along while my wife made sure I wasn’t going to hit anything. Warning tones where going off every once in a while but it fits fine.

I “settled” for the V6 and as long as I don’t drive one with a V8 I’m going to be fine. I was very surprised at how spirited this heavy vehicle felt with this engine and tranny combo. I tested a 2012 last year with the V6 and I know I wouldn’t have been as happy with it.

Picked up the Lifetime warranty for an extra $2K and peace of mind considering all the bells and whistles this thing has. I’ve never purchased an extended warranty before but this just seemed to make too much sense considering I keep my vehicles forever. <O:p
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Agree. Lifetime warranty is good pickup if you keep long time (I'm same - got lifetime warranty I drive high miles). V6 is good. I can feel weight of truck going up hill if Eco mode is on but click button and then it's more lively when you need it.
I was amazed with V6 as well, and I thought the ride quality blew the Hemi away. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Wow, it's amazing how varied points of reference are...I test drove both engines and felt a fairly significant difference between the V6 and the Hemi....the Hemi makes the JGC a totally different truck....and that's a good least that's the way it felt to me.....oh, and before anyone calls me biased towards the Hemi, I had the Pentastar in the Wrangler and really liked it that application.......funny thing is, the Hemi gets better gas mileage than the my dad's Patriot around town....
Don't get me wrong, I definitely felt the difference......but only when I really accelerated very aggressively like flooring the accelerator. There is no doubt I'd prefer the hemi when passing on a two lane road.

The thing that really surprised me about this new V6/8 speed tranny combo was that (to me) it felt every bit as lively as the hemi in normal driving. It never felt like it was struggling. I do tend to drive faster than the average bear but I'm not a really aggressive driver like a few people I know. That being the case, I just felt that the V6 provided adequate (not exhilarating) passing acceleration and the rest of the time I don't think I'll notice the difference, except at the gas pump.

The only time it might bug me that I didn't get the V8 is when you guys with one remind me I didn't. ;)
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I've also got a 2014 Summit with the V6 and the first thing I do is turn off eco when I get it started. The difference in throttle responsiveness is pretty incredible. I feel it's a good bridge between eco and sport modes.
Congratulations! Did you get the authentic Chrysler warranty, or did the dealer manage to sell you a 3rd party warranty while representing it as a Chrysler warranty. It's a sleazy tactic and makes Chrysler Jeep look bad, in my opinion, but many dealers will do it as they make more $ on the 3rd party warranty. Hard to believe that Chrysler allows it, but they do.
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