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So I'm looking at KK Libertys. Seems there isn't much love for them out there but I test drove one a few years back and really liked it but the time was not right for me. But now I am shopping and have four of them on my list.

What can anyone tell me about the Sky Slider sun roof. I seem to recall hearing that they are prone to leaks and parts are hard to get. Is that true? Should I stay away from this option?

Do any models have seat memory as an option?

Anyone have a high mileage KK? The examples I'm looking at have miles from 68k to 113k. I'm not typically too scared of higher mileage, but I do plan to keep the vehicle a long time and I drive a lot. So I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with higher mileage.

Lastly, the model years range from 07 to '10. Any year to year changes that would make a certain model year more desirable?

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