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2014 GC limiter 3.6L I experiecne TSB 18-054-14 3-5 times a week. which is upont starting, the vehicle will have extended cranking before it starts. most of the time it fires right up. many time, it cranks for 3-6 seconds before it starts. There is a TSB specifically for this, but the dumbass dealer tells me if it is not throwing a code, then there is nothing wrong. The TSB specifically says it wont throw a code. The vehicle is out of warranty, so Im not paying the dealer unless I have to.

In the TSB it says to look at the serial number on the sensor and if it starts with a "D" replace the sensor. This applies to my GC. (mine starts with "D"... Soo... I can get the sensor for $29. and its literally 1 screw to remove it (might have to move the ait intake tube @ the throttle body, but that's easy (have an aFe CAI on it, with silicone flex right there)...

anway.. I can get the sensor for $29. and put it in. Book time calls for .3 hours for this. Its not hard.. but the TSB says the step after replacing it

"Using WiTECH perform the cam/crank variation relearn procedure and follow the onscreen instructions"

Anyone know what these are? many times its dumb shit, like start the vehicle 4 times and scan for codes...
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