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Oh for the love of pete....

I just built a '14 Durango the way we originally wanted

Limited AWD V6
Captains Chairs
Second Row Console
Safety, Security, Convenience Group
Trailer Tow Package

and the site did NOT require me to add the optional amp/subwoofer group that WAS required with the SSCG at the time we ordered.

I hope for my sanity that the site is wrong and that they didn't change the requirement because I'm paying to have that subwoofer cargo bin swapped out....


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Wow, well, it's about time! thanks. I can get to this through your link, but when I go on the website, I can't pull up the 2014 model info. How were you able to pull it up?
I looked at their url for the '13 model and changed part of it for 14.
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