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I have the Boston Acoustic speakers in my jeep. I purchased Polk Audio speakers, since they are better than BA and are compatible with the oem amp. I bought DXi690, DXi650 and DXi350. I wanted to change out the tweeters first, so I took off the mesh and took out the speaker, found out that the speakers are wired with male/female connectors. Is it possible to find the same connector to wire the speakers or my only option is to cut off the connectors? I took some pictures of the connectors.
I take it there's no identification on the connector.

It looks a lot like a locking Berg, but which one out of thousands would be tricky.

A 2 second check on Crutchfield didn't yield a replacement, but they used to be the most helpful resource in the business if you call them.

Another place to try would be local auto audio installers.

I can't read the ident under the DaimlerChrysler, but you may want to try Googling on boston acoustics, daimlerchrysler, and that big number.

Do the new speakers have the same connector on the speaker?

If so, that would increase the odds a local car audio store would have something that would fit.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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