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Cleaning Rims on 2014's

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Has anyone needed to polish their 2014 Summit rims to get that deep shine back? If so what did you use and/or what is safe to use? According to Jeeps website these are aluminum satin chrome finish are they aluminum, aluminum with clear coat over the finish, or chrome??? Any ideas?
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I have Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield (similar to a wheel wax but rain-x consistency) product that is amazing. It takes some work to prep the rim (I take off 1 at a time and thoroughly clean and then apply the sealant) but the end result is awesome. More often then not a quick blast with the pressure washer and maybe the wheel brush and they are back to original shine.

Occasionally I need to scrub the wheel with a microfiber towel to get all the lingering brake dust but that is about it. The sealant is usually good for about a year or so. I have always applied it prior to the winter since that is the roughest time of the year.
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