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2006 WK Laredo
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Hello, working on my 06 4.7. I did a search and couldn't find a solution.

The electric cooling fan has never worked since I bought it. I recently tested the fan and determined the harness on the fan was bad.

I bought a whole fan assembly from the junkyard. The fan works on low speed if I jump power to pin 87 of the relay box.

As for testing, should the fan turn on immediately with the A/C on?

Does the FCM put out a 12v signal to activate the relay on pin 85? If it does then I'm not getting voltage there.

I have confirmed I have 14v at the plug that the fan wiring harness plugs into (Coming from the relays). Also the relays are known good/used from my TJ.

If the fan will run with a jumper is it possible that the motor is still bad? Maybe too high of resistance for the system to actuate?
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