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Cracked bracket on intake

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Has anybody had an issue where the bracket on the bwoody intake brakes off?
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Someone here had the bracket in the wrong spot.....but no broken. Mike will take care of you!
Heard of this happening a couple times. A local owner here had it happen he sent it back to bwoody to have them fix it, I have seen another where it broke at the weld and left a hole in the intake tube.
I sent him an email with the pictures of it. Is there anyway to avoid it happening again you think?
How did you install it? Bracket first then TB, tighten the nut at the bracket first then the bolt clamps? I attached it to the tb first then fit the bracket on the bolt, then tightened the nut down then tightened down the clamps have not had any issues yet. The silicone really sticks to the tb so I wanted everything to be tight before I tightened the couple so nothing was stressed already before the motor started moving around
I used the same method as you did. It didn't seem to want to work by using the bolt method first so I tried putting it on the TB first and found it easier.
I have been cbecking it every few weeks since I saw someone else do it. Not sure why they are breaking bwoody does need to figure it out though
I'm sending it back tomorrow and they are going to try to repair it.

I was looking at the piece that broke off and it seems like a fairly good thickness for the metal. It seems like it would be strong, so I'm not sure why they are prone to cracking. But it seems like there isn't many having that issue so I'm hoping I don't have it again.
Mine is bent pretty good and I bent it a little putting it on to help get it on easier mines a bitch to get on the stud
No issues on mine. I switched the TB to the fastman one recently. I removed the nut on the stud first and loosened the clamps around the rubber sleeve. Pulled it off the stud then pulled it off the TB. Reversed it for reinstall, was pretty painless.
After hearing all the problems going on with the aftermarket stuff i am thinking now that keeping mine all stock is the best. If i was to mod it theres only 2 things i would do anyway is add a cai and cmr dyno tune but it seems the trinity also has issues with the fans and other things.
Just get the injen intake Jim you will be fine
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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