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Crap Idle? 4.7 V8

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So i"ve asked this question on may other forums and no one seems to have a solution for it and apparently Chrysler denies its a real.

The jeep under no common circumstances will stall out or bog down when stopping. BTW 4.7 V8.
It will happen when the engine is cold, or hot, it will happen after alot of skinny pedal driving or under normal human grandma driving. It will happen in stop and go traffic or in normal traffic.

Basically normally when i come to a stop the rpms drop like the should and stay there. Some times it will drop well below the 500 rpm mark and then bounce back up. Occasionally it will just stall out completely and die.

I talked to a very well seasoned master jeep tech at the dealership. He said that first thing they do is a reflash of the computer. (did that and it did not fix it)

Next he said it could be the torque converter is not working properly and that adding about 1/2 a qt of tranny fluid may fix the issue. ( i will try this next)

Has anyone else sxperienced this and successfully fixed it?

Please help, its really annoying and embarassing. :(
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I was wondering about the IAC myself but everyone i have talked with the issue said they changed it and it did not fix it. Thats why i have not wasted my money on a new IAC yet.
Thats the other thing that bugs me. To me even when its not acting up, the idle never feels very smooth, it feels like it has a bad idle or bad spark plugs or sumtin, almost a very little shaky, but not in the sound, or seat or anything but i only notice it when i lean my knee on the door while idling.
it is probably the mass air-flow sensor for your case ,Hannes your on your own?.?.
There is not mass air flow sensor on jeeps.
I dont know, i think all the vac lines look ok to me. I have heard of so many other people with this issue on Jeepforum (barf) and Jeeps Unlimited that i dont think its my random issue. Apparently there is a TSB on it but it is just a reflash of the computer and that did not fix it.
I have 65k miles on it. I checked IAT and it looked fine but i dont really know what i am looking for. I have not done plugs yet so maybe its time for that. is it hard to do plugs on the 4.7?

I dont have a superchips, YET, just the afe. I cant afford the chip right now.
Cool, I think i will do that. My friend works at the dealership so he can get me mopar plugs.

What is the purpose of that air intake box thingy? is it removable if i extend the air intake tube? Will it make a difference?
its pretty much a intake noise muffler...and yes you can rremove it...i dont have one on my 4.7. but I have a different intake than you.
Hmmm, i will look in to this.

BTW, (off topic) I just noticed your the one that responded to the E brake handle on I wanna do that to mine but i dont think the colors will look good with a khaki interior, I want to do the center console cover as well. maybe dark slate gray?
they make the 08 handle in khaki
OMFG, THEY DO? I cant find the Leather E brake handle or the center console lid in leather in Khaki any where, only slate or gray colors. Just for jeeps does not have it.

Damn there are too many things i wanna change/upgrade.
Yea, Thats why i think that if i got the Dark Slate Gray e brake it would look decent and then recover the center console to match since i am too cheap to pay for a brand new one.

I already re covered the stock console with vinyl but it came out like ass, i may just have my old work re do it for $100 when i get extra cash.
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