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Crap Idle? 4.7 V8

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So i"ve asked this question on may other forums and no one seems to have a solution for it and apparently Chrysler denies its a real.

The jeep under no common circumstances will stall out or bog down when stopping. BTW 4.7 V8.
It will happen when the engine is cold, or hot, it will happen after alot of skinny pedal driving or under normal human grandma driving. It will happen in stop and go traffic or in normal traffic.

Basically normally when i come to a stop the rpms drop like the should and stay there. Some times it will drop well below the 500 rpm mark and then bounce back up. Occasionally it will just stall out completely and die.

I talked to a very well seasoned master jeep tech at the dealership. He said that first thing they do is a reflash of the computer. (did that and it did not fix it)

Next he said it could be the torque converter is not working properly and that adding about 1/2 a qt of tranny fluid may fix the issue. ( i will try this next)

Has anyone else sxperienced this and successfully fixed it?

Please help, its really annoying and embarassing. :(
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just fixed my problem. Had the same thing happen. Found a crack in my hose running into my intake. Luckily it was at the end and was able to cut off and replace. Now I have an idle that is a little hire than normal and some major power. Look closely. Mine has been for 5 mo. plus. Got bigger over time. No more stalls for two days!
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