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I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee overland with the panoramic sunroof, and back in June the screen for the sunroof seemed to pop off the rails when closing it one day. I heard a scratching noise and saw a gap in the screen in the back passenger corner.

I have lifetime max care on it, so i always take it to a jeep dealership for service. The only jeep dealership near me now is Reedman Toll, which is a pretty massive dealership. Initially they claimed they couldn't get ahold of the warranty department to get a replacement sunroof, so i took my Jeep back. Then they called in early July to say the part was in, so i dropped off my Jeep.

That was 2.5 weeks ago, and i still don't have my Jeep back. I've been getting empty promise after empty promise for return dates, and they never call me to update me on anything. I keep having to harass them for info, but they still really haven't told me much. Today i again was supposed to get it back, but that ignored my calls and voicemails all day until the afternoon.

I finally spoke to a lady who said they "cannot calibrate the sunroof screen". They've allegedly replaced the entire assembly twice, and everything works except the sunroof screen. The first actual useful information I received was today. Supposedly the screen will open completely fine. And it will close all the way as well, but then it immediately opens back up 1/2 way. It won't stay closed. They are claiming there's a "calibration" for this and it simply isn't working. Apparently there's some kind of online forum for contacting mopar engineers directly to troubleshoot problems that the techs cannot figure out. There's no phone number, just an online message board which typically takes up to 24 hours for a response. And subsequent follow-ups also have to wait for a response from mopar. This sounds insane and completely inefficient.

I'm taking back my car tomorrow for the weekend, but then I'm going to have to drop it back off with them on Monday. God knows when they're going to get this resolved. I cannot believe it's taking this long.

Has ANYONE had this same problem with the sunroof screen or calibrating of the sunroof screen or heard about any such thing before? It sounds like BS to me, and I find it pretty suspect that a jeep dealership that services probably several thousand grand cherokees a year cannot seem to figure this out. The service advisor was trying to claim the technology in newer cars is part of the problem since everything is so interconnected and "smart" now, but the sunroof is just a basic ass sunroof. It's not connected to the pcm. It just opens and closes like every single sunroof ever made in the last 3 decades. I can't possibly fathom how you could need to calibrate a sunroof.

EDIT: to add insult to injury, the dealership claims they cannot give me a loaner. Today they offered some sob story about mopar forcing them to give up most of their loaners to fill sales demand or supply chain shortages from the pandemic. That also sounds like BS.

My MVP warranty only had a fixed rental coverage term, and that's expired now. Had i just rented a car out of pocket, I'd probably be at least $2k in the hole on rental fees alone... Totally untenable and outrageous. So I've been having to try to share my wife's car, but that's been a challenge.
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