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Hi guys,

I think I'm in the right spot. So I have an 02 WJ Limited 4.7 (awesome car) with the
Quadra Trac II. It's done 145 000 K's (not sure what that is in miles sorry).

Now my problem is that sometimes lately when I first shift it into drive it has about a 1-2 second delay before it engages gear. I have done some reading up and from what I can tell its not a major transmission issue. I read that it most likely needs oil and filters changed and something called a wix? So I just want to get your guys opinion on the matter and find out what the wix is and any part numbers I'll need.

I have checked the transmission oil level and it's fine. I couldn't tell you weather the transmission has been serviced before but taking a wild guess I don't think it has been. Also what service intervals should the trans be done at?

Any input would be much appreciated.

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Delayed engagement is normally caused by drainback of the torque.converter fluid to the pan. This is caused by a faulty/ leaky check valve in the round spinon filter. This happens at first startup or after sitting for a longer time. The delayed.engagement is caused by the partly empty converter. It is not the transmission which is shifting delayed, but the torque converter is a fluid coupling and can only do its job when its full of fluid. So after the converter is filled, which can take some seconds, it will transfer torque and gives you the feeling that the transmission just shifted into gear.
Wix is the brand.of filter you could install. When you don't know the service history, you better do a fluid and filter change soon. This delayed engaging does.not hurt the transmission, but can be a bit irritating when you want to drive away quickly.
Also you better change diff fluid and T case fluid as well, so that you can start with a clean sheet.
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