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Hello all,

I'm the third owner of a 2014 WK ecodiesel with 100,000 miles. I've only owned it for a few months so I'm still learning all its quirks and what it needs done exactly. Just two months ago I had it at the dealership due to a previous CEL pertaining to the manifold which was all repaired under warranty.

A few days ago the CEL popped up again this time showing code P20EE. From what I understand this is possibly a failed NOx sensor. Today it's also showing a pending P2002 so I'm assuming it's having trouble burning off soot due to the NOx sensor issue? Admittedly, it probably hasn't been driven as hard as it needs to consistently, the last long highway trip was probably a month ago. So far the driveability doesn't seem to be affected other than a little hesitation when accelerating from a stop.

The issue is the earliest I can get it looked at is not for another 2 weeks but we have an important appointment which is a 100 mile drive. Would we still be good making the trip there and back? Would the long trip potentially help it get to temp and burn off extra soot or is that wishful thinking?
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