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My 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland V-6 was built in April 2014 and now has been driven about 9,500 miles (15 000 km). This Jeep has every electronic option and thus I acknowledge that there is plenty that could go wrong.

Here's a snapshot. I brought the Jeep to the dealer from which I bought the car. I explained the symptoms and failures. The dealer's technicians, according to the service writer, do only what VIP—the service writer was unable to tell me what VIP stands for—tells them to do. The result is that I have no assurance that the firmware updates, done by flashing, have corrected the failings. Time will tell.

Here's an example. For the third time, I brought the Jeep to the dealer because UConnect occasionally freezes, fails to display properly, and occasionally resets navigation guidance volume. (I have done a soft reset several times.) After leaving the dealer, I checked the system version and discovered that the UConnect system version had not been updated; it was still 13.38.52, a version that was superseded some time ago.

Here's another example. EVIC sometimes fails to display the markings around the speedometer arc and sometimes the temperature display shows a value far below the real outside temperature. (This aberrations have shown up in both metric and US settings.) All I could get out of the service writer was the technician installed a RRT (sic) update. Restarting the engine two or three times resets EVIC, but no one should have to do that.

This is so frustrating and disappointing. Overall I am satisfied with the Jeep, but if electronic gremlins continue to make my ownership unpleasant, I'm ready to initiate a lemon law action. Clearly a car without a proper speedometer is unsafe.

I would never buy another Jeep from that dealer and I have low confidence in Chrysler.

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The dealer should have given you a copy of the work order itemizing everything that was done.

But, if I were you I'd find another dealer.

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