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Electronic Throttle Control circuit

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Hey everyone I have been having a few issues with my jeep lately. I had an ETC issue pop up which caused my jeep to stall and no start. I had it towed to my dealer and they said the cps sensor needed to be replaced they replaced that along with a map sensor. The cps fixed the no start but they said that replacing the map sensor didn't fix another issue that they were seeing and that I needed a new PCM, but they said that I could still drive the Jeep since I wasn't experiencing any other issues. So my wife and I take a trip covering about 800 miles on the last leg of the trip I received the dreaded light again, and I guess the Jeep kicked into limp mode, but we were able to make it home. I cycled the key as per the manual and it cleared, so I thought awesome I'm good to go. Drive the Jeep maybe a mile or so no issues. Start the jeep again, driving and the light comes back on. Thinking it may be my swirl motor going out I perform the resistor mode, just stuck the 4.7k ohm resistor in the plug and wrapped it with electrical tape, took it for a test drive no issues. Then the next drive, it randomly came on again. This issue seems to be intermittent at best.

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