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engine oil dip stick dippy or me?

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Just had engine oil changed and told tech. that it gets 5.7 l. no more, and that last time it was changed(different garage) it was over the hatched area on dipstick by a 1/4 ".He said won't happen here and measured out oil checking carefully. I just checked after a week and it is over dipstick hatch marks also at least same amount. Engine is 4.7L on 2005 wk. What is the correct level? Oil pan is not dented or anything. Every thing seems to work and run fine, sounds good. have only had this wk for a few months with 110000 Kl or about 66000 miles. Doesn't use any oil, all other fluids are stable and full. I have read a number of opinions on this situation of maybe overfill and am a little nervous.:confused::confused::confused:Comments please.
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Many places do not give enough time for the oil to drain completely out when they perform the oil change.

They then fill it right back up using the listed quantity, and do not give enough time to wait for the oil to settle before checking the level.

These two things combined can lead to a slight over-fill. Not enough to do any damage, but could cause the oil to read over the full line.

Unfortunately, the only way to ensure it is done properly is to do it yourself or watch them like a hawk when performing the service. If you are going to a 'quick-lube' or drive-through type place, they perform the entire oil change in less time than I let mine sit to drain all the oil out!
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