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I have a 2014 GC Summit 4x4, I love the car but have never been happy with the amount of power it has with the 3.6, and have been looking into options for tuning and such. Fast forward to last week, the head gasket has decided to let go, which I am going to attribute to the stop leak that seems to have been added to the system by the previous owner.

I am looking at either replacing the 3.6l, or what I would like to find out, possibly swapping in a 5.7 or 6.4. From what I have read the 3.6 and 5.7 transmissions are all the same since they switched to the 8 speed*, so the engine might bolt right up. But I have no idea about the feasibility of doing this, I have found a couple of used engines, with ecu and harness included, and they aren't a whole lot more that the 3.6. If the engine is pulled from another grand cherokee, how much else differs between the two powertrains, and is it worth doing.

(*although that is from my understanding, I could not find it specifically stated)
Take the money you would spend trying and just upgrade to a GC that has a V8. (your current transmission could theoretically handle the torque and HP of the V8 but there are other factors to consider). There's no way to do a successful swap like that without spending waaaay more $$$ than you would on just trading it in.
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