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Hello all!
This is my fist post, and I'm looking forward to hearing any input on this....

Ok... So, I have a 2006 WK (3.7) and after driving for a while, it seems to go into "Limp Mode" (starting out in second gear and only going up to 3rd or 4th). If I turn the vehicle off an restart it, then the problem goes away, but eventually returns after some more driving.
I took it to a friend (who is a mechanic at a local shop) and he got the following code:

P0717 Input/Turbine Speed Sensor "A" Circuit No Signal

Now, from what I've read here on the forum, I have the W5A580 tranny (without the dipstick) and it seems like its just a matter of removing the pan, and valve body in order to gain access to the speed sensors. I saw this YouTube video of someone changing the speed sensor on a Benz ML320 (with the same tranny), and it looked pretty straight forward.
Merc ML320 trans speed sensor #1 - YouTube

So my I guess my questions are:

1. Can I expect it to look similar to this video?

2. Does anyone know which is Sensor "A"?

3. While I'm at it, are there any other parts that I should replace while the pan is dropped?

I'm just looking for as much info as I can get on this.

Thanks in advance!
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