Everything came off of a 2014 Grand Cherokee - I am a little negotiable, especially if taking multiple items. Prices are local pickup.

$150 Lower Fascia - Full with air-dams and chrome trim

$50 Lower Fascia - Trimmed (can work out price if bought with anything else)
-This is an additional lower fascia that was trimmed to reveal the lower guard, but hide the factory bumper support. Includes a non-chrome trim piece that was also trimmed.

$50 Factory tow hooks - hooks are in good shape, hardware is rusty. If you buy any of the other items, you can have these.

$120 Factory 17" wheel with Milestar tire as a spare. Tire is sized to have same diameter as 32" setup, but thin enough to fit in factory spare tire well. Exceeded factory load rating for full size tire.

$250 All 4 factory 17" wheels, including the one setup as a spare.