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Recently bought an 07 WK Grand Cherokee. Was a fixer upper, fixed variety of things using this forum. Windows, Fogs, Trunk Openers, etc.

Now I am stumped.

The plastic front axle skid / splash guard, one of the bolts sheared off. For time being I just removed the plate. (Plate had a a tear around a 2nd bolt also).

Not sure how the damage happened, could have happened prior to me owning it.

I am aware that the best thing would be to drill out the old bolt, and buy a new metal skid and replace it.

But my question would be, if I am not going offroading? Why do I even need this? It had holes in it anyway. And did not fully cover the CVs. Could I just save $60 and a whole afternoon of hassle, and leave it missing?

Thoughts?? Why is it there in the first place?? Thanks for your time.

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