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Front door speaker rattle solved

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Finally figured out what was causing my front doors to rattle when playing music with heavy bass.

Turns out I didn't have to remove the door panels to fix the problem and my solution seems to be holding up.

Tools needed NONE!

When I was investigating the annoying rattle I noticed that if I pressed against the door panel the rattle would go away. I noticed that the door panel has an outer shell that fastens on top of the inner shell. If you run your fingers inside the door pocket you will notice where the inner panel touches the outer at various locations.

My fix was to insert small wedge shims (the ones used to install tiles sold at Home Depot) between the surfaces (directly below the speaker grill where the cup/water bottle holder is) in order to slightly separate the door panels. Since the surfaces aren't vibrating against each other the annoying rattle is gone. Sweet!

Hope this helps others experiencing the same problem. By the way I have the six speaker system complemented with a small sealed enclosure with two 8" Pioneer shallow subs with a tiny Rockford Fosgate digital amp. Bass is surprisingly decent.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing. That has been bugging me for some time and I've been putting it off because I figured the door panel would have to come off. I will try this fix ASAP.
I tried this and it does not fix my specific problem. (I did this like 3 months ago). My rattle is more near the top of the door and pulling the handle inwards with the door shut makes the rattle stop. Low end bass isn't the's the MID range bass that is causing the hum.

Great tip that might help others though.


My front door rattles are from the window switchgear. The buttons rattle together.

If anyone has a fix, i'm all-ears.

Now, to fix the damned rattles along the roof, all the way to the trunk. :mad:
And the truck is only four months old. :mad::mad::mad:
My rattle comes from what seems to be the driver side rear view mirror . Only when cranked up loud and heavy base . If I shut the window you don't hear it but when it's open its really annoying .

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My final solution to this issue was to swap the front 6x9 speakers for 5 1/4 components. I used 6x9 adapters and 6x9 foam speaker baffles. I would recomend going with 6 1/2 components as you have to be creative in order to make the 5 1/4 fit the adapter plate properly.

The baffles for me were important. I wanted to diminish bass and also wanted to add a layer (gasket) between the adapter plate and the door to help with vibrations.

I also have a small subwoofer enclosure in the back which gives all the bass required or desired.

I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Door vibrations are 95% gone. The only rattles I hear now come from the ceiling console and the sunglass cubby.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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