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I've decided to move on to an F-150. It's with sort of a heavy heart that I sell my 2015 Ecodiesel. More pics are to come but I thought I'd throw it up here before I listed it on the various car sales sites.

It's a 2015 GC Ecodiesel. About 46,300 miles. Aside from needing to get the air suspension fixed about 2 years ago, it's been running flawlessly for me. But just in case, I have MaxCare on the truck. It's good for 8 years/120k miles. So the plan runs out in January 2023 or at 120k miles, whichever comes first.

As far as features, it's got Advanced Tech group and the standard Overland features. Black exterior with light brown leather. Window sticker is here. VIN is 1C4RJFCM5FC716650.

Regular oil changes and maintenance have been done at the dealer. I can provide receipts for those. My most recent oil change was on Friday.

A few scratches from careless parkers over the years. Again, I'll post pics after I get it washed. The only "big" issue is the passenger side fender was banged into by my wife while pulling out of the garage a couple of years ago. It's slightly dented and the paint has chipped out so there's a tiny bit of rust - about 1/2" square - where the metal is exposed. Mechanically, the truck is 100%. Not a thing wrong with it. Given that I'm in the south, it's rarely seen salt or much winter weather at all.

As far as features:

- GDE hot tune
- OEM running boards
- Yakima whispbar roof rack

KBB private sale in good condition, which I believe his truck to be, is around $31k. With the warranty and other additions, I believe $34k to be reasonable. I'm in Durham, NC.

It'll come with Weathertech floor mats, installed on day 1 and the OEM floor mats which are completely unused. Also the privacy cover for the truck and 2 keyfobs.

If interested, I have my MaxCare warranty info ready.


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