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Just got done installing fuel tank skids. Here's a quick summary if anyone's contemplating installing them.
  1. Make sure you're down to about 1/8 of a tank.
  2. I used a floor jack to hold the skid in place while I bolted them up. Will probably need someone else to slide the jack under plate while your holding it in place.
Unbolt the 3 bolts holding up the fuel tank. The passenger side had absolutely no weight and didn't drop at all. I was able to lift the skid up with one arm and slide the floor jack under it. I jacked it up to the proper height and bolted it up. (Easy)
The drivers side had some weight and dropped about 2" when unbolted (it will stay in place unsupported) I needed two hands to lift the plate and hold it under the dropped tank while I had someone else slide the floor jack under and crank it up. Relatively simple job but you'll need someone to slide the floor jack under the plate.


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