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From one week ago I have encountered a problem with shifter lever. After driving at least 1km and when have to stop and to park in 90 percent of cases I have problems to move the shifter lever up to P after R (R->P). Switching between all other positions (R-N-D-4-3-2-1) with no problems. When this problem appear I feel some kind of mechanical stop like bracket or some other obstacle like a barrier on the path between R and P down inside in shifter console.

After several attempts to up the lever from R(and from any other position, even 1) shifter lever successfully arrives to P. After that no more problem appear while moving the shifter lever betweeen P-R-P(even if I switch off the engine, pull up the key and start the engine again) until next driving.

No OBD errors with key diagnostic or scanner. Transmission work fine with no any problems. No Check Engine MIL light engaged(the bulb works OK).

I know that I have to open transmission tunnel to get to shifter console and see what happens, but any ideas? Someone with described problem and resolution?
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