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Going to San Diego 7/10

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Will be down in the San Diego area from July 10th to the 13th. If anyone is in the area and wants to meet up, shoot me a PM before then!
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I'll be there.....LOL
San Diego is da chit... Pacific Brach baby!!!
thats second home for me.....(Off Topic) hey Ryan, I just bought my SRT8 Grill from Scott. Next payday I will be getting my Black Customed Headlight Housing. Pimpin. It will be my last mod before I get back from Hawaii Early August.
See you there scott.. :rolleyes: lol San Diego is da chit! I'd rather go there over L.A. any day.

Jacob that's awesome dood the mesh grille looks much better and that black housing is going to be nasty with your rims! Those are two good mods bro, have fun in Hawaii, you bastard.
Leaving in four hours! Can't wait to get outta town. . .
nice bro!!! ill be in nj/pa/nyc tonite/sun:) i will def have wakeboarding pics on monday:)
Damn I want to go out on the delta so bad it's been too long. That reminds me I have to charge my camera. :eek:
Have fun...I love SD. I was born @ Sharp Hospital and used to got to Coronado every year for my bday/4th of July! Enjoy the nice weather
SD is the sh*t. I loved it there. Best year around weather in the US!!! Have fun and be safe!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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