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I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee WK2. Had my lifters, rods, camshafts replaced at 60k miles and now having the same issue at 109k miles with the typical lifter ticking noise. Has anyone else had these repeated issues? I've been trying to deal with jeep customer service and have been getting the total run around. I've put claims in and every time my assigned claims person is magically unavailable and never gets back to me.
Dealer claimed that the repair was past the 2-year warranty and would not fix it but this should be covered by the Mopar 3-year powertrain warranty, no?
Went to 4 separate mechanics that agreed this was the same issue and it was a known issue with these motors but said that no way this should be happening again so soon. I've literally never had a mechanic, let alone 4 of them, refuse to fix it and insist that I go back to Jeep and raise hell for the repair. Everyone says it's at least a $3k-$4k job.
I've been dealing with this for 3 months, trying to get it fixed. Feels like the engine is getting worse every day.
Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?? If you've had this issue, how did you get it resolved?
Would greatly appreciate it.
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