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I have an excellent 2014 V-6 GC Ltd.
Like many of you, I often use Google Maps &/or Waze, in addition to U Connects Nav system.
While I have had excellent results using Weather Tech’s Cup Phone (expensive, but highly worthwhile) for my I-Phone, nevertheless at 71 years old, glancing down to the console to read Google Maps, was a dangerous, frustrating habit.
I researched Amazon and found Cellet tablet cup holder mount. It is a true game changer! Not only does it work extremely well, it”s utility with the I-Pad truly offers a whole new world (in addition to Nav) for your GC.
Try it , you’ll LOVE it.
To all you Jeep owners, thank you for your very excellent advice to me over the years!
Jim Durkin
[email protected]
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