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2018 GC Overland
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My wife just bought her first GC a few months back, a new 2018 GC Overland 2wd. The creature comforts are amazing! The ride is awesome as well! Hope to gather some knowledge about the vehicle as we already had to take it to the dealership for service :mad: We had to hammer on it to get around some traffic and the CEL came on. It went away after a few days. Then about a month later, it happened again...again hammered it to merge on the freeway.

Her car has only 5,420 miles...:wtf: The dealership originally explained they could not replicate the issue, but acknowledged there was a problem. Cleared the code and tried to send her on her way...I was extremely ticked!

The pulled the code: po304. Their service records showed "took rocker arms out and checked them, found one sticking". They replaced the rocker arm and called it good.

Sorry for the long post...anybody else come across this, this early?!?
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