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Handbrake Cable

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Well another problem to work through on the WJ.

Handbrake is not working as well as it should. I changed the shoes when I changed rotors and calipers last year so have looked at the cabling and noticed that the where the cables link to the handbrake cable are uneven indicating the leftside is not working.

Disassembled rear brakes, removed cables and noticed leftside cable has large kink in the cable resulting in limited movement. Straightened out kink but movement isn't as good as the right side.

Stripped down rear brakes on my spare WJ and again the left side cable not actuating. This cable also has a kink in it at a different spot.

Solution is to use both right sides as they are the same length (not sure if overly stretched) for the fix.

Can anyone advise if this a common fault with WJ's?
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Swap over complete and the handbrake is working like a charm again.
The cable for both sides are a little stretched but I'm not complaining.

A note of interest is that I also experienced a notable 5 second delayed thud in the rear end whenever I stopped and it felt like the gearbox was catching up at rest. Now that the handbrake is working properly I no longer have the 5 second delayed thud and wondering if there is some correlation to this simple repair?
Since the handbrake was not required to be applied I cannot see how the brake pad would catch or expand but maybe someone else may have an explanation??
I too experience this thud as well. It has been doing it since new but, not every start/stop. The rear brakes have "hung-up" a few times after sitting for awhile (slides rusty?). I don't have a definitive cause.
Well I take back the sitting part from the previous post. Go run a few errands today and return home after about 20 miles and the passenger side rear brake over heated. The driver side is fine. The last time this happened it was both rear brakes. The parking brake was not set prior to leaving or during the trip.
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