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98 ZJ Limited When i
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I have been trying for a couple of weeks to find some parts for my 5.9L ZJ. I had the trans go out on it and found out somewhere in it's past history someone put in a 44RE.. I have a REman 46RE now, So I'm finding a few things I need to replace with the correct parts but I can't find them.. I need a 46RE dipstick, dipstick tube, and a shifter bracket from the side of a 46RE. There are no junk yards in my area (Livonia Mi). That have a Niner. I have the 44RE Dipstick, tube and bracket and I'm getting close to hacking, wacking and welding them to fit. I'd really like to get the right ones but I haven't found any yet.
Does anyone have any of these parts, or know where I can find these parts please let me know.

Thank you,
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