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Re: Have you ever heard of this 'part' - "Lead Frame Assembly"Plus Update on prior th

I have an 08 Grand Cherokee and throughout the course of a week, I have been told that for $3300 1. the transmission rod, then changed to transmission rail, and then finally settled on the transmission lead needed to be replaced which is outside of the protection plan, of course. For them to fix it would be $1700. I contacted the Protection plan and was told that the claim was submitted for the Transmission Temp Sensor with an blank estimate of charges. Admittedly I know squat so I searched every part they listed and found the Temp Sensor alone for $12. Contacted the dealership back and they told me that the sensor is part of the lead and is not a separate part... my question is, is that true? I've been told several things in 9 days so not sure what to believe so before I commit to $1700, I want to know if what they are saying is true about one whole piece versus a component of one.

Not one code every was found per dealership nor did the check engine light ever appear.
What did you end up doing for this comment? This exact thing is happening to me. 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, they’re telling me it’s an $1800 repair and they are being kind of shy about telling me exactly what is wrong. I know what’s happening on my end, it goes into limp mode. But they are simply saying that one code they found on the sensor means the entire thing needs to be replaced. I don’t know squat about cars, however I truly don’t think that they can determine that the entire transmission circuit board needs to be replaced after pulling one code. The Jeep dealership won’t even explain what this means or where it is located, just that it’s “a part of the transmission”.
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