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HI all,

I though its about time I introduce myself and say thanks for all your help, realised I sneaked into JG unannounced :). I live in Dubai, UAE and own a GC 2009 WK Overland 5.7, full spec from dealer in Mineral grey (photos uploaded in my Garage thread).

I have finally got my Jeep to where I want it after many long hours of research, reading, and speaking to many on this forum. My truck is where it is due to this forum, no doubts at all!

I plan on keeping it until its last mile, then sinking it into the sea and turning it into a dive site :D

In Dubai, all GCs are simply mobile shopping trolleys, there is probably one other modded Jeep GC around here (with a SL), very little is done on them if anything at all. The modding here is dominated by Wranglers, FJ Cruisers, Patrols etc. Driving down the main highway, I get quite a few looks now, nobody expects to see a modified GC at all here!

performance and aftermarket parts here don't exist, if its not directly from Jeep dealership ($$) then its flown all the way from the states ($$$) (not cheap when buying anything over 10 lbs and larger than a shoe box!). So obviously the research has to be a little bit more thorough and precise in ordering; getting the wrong parts is a considerable cost ! Thanks to the wealth of info on this site and YOUR input, that is avoided and everything I have ordered to date fitted perfectly :D

The quest to improve continues (but ofcourse slowed down due to the investment made over the past few weeks!).

Once again, thank you all!

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Welcome to JeepGarage!!!
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