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Hi everyone!

Just got a 2014 V6 Overland. I love it except for a few of the problems that I have encountered already (barely over 400 miles). However, hopefully the new Uconnect update that I read about here (thank you for that!) will take care of it. I had to push the dealer to put that update in. Strangely, when I took it in for a pinched air suspension line, they said they wouldn't have the update for a few weeks, but just saw the new version in the system. Strange.

Anyway, I still have two problems that I recognize at this point. I searched but didn't see this particular issue mentioned: 1) I have a HTC EVO 4G LTE and everytime I try to connect it through USB, it connects but starts playing navigation prompts from my phone (over and over again i.e. "turn left," "turn right."). I asked the service manager but I have found here in Centennial, CO they aren't the most helpful with problems--they tend to just shrug it off, unless I bring them research from this forum and force them to do the checking. Anyway, was wondering if anyone has any insight into this situation. I would really like to be able to connect my phone through USB rather than Bluetooth (which works fine) and play apps like Pandora etc.

2) That brings me to my next question. I realize Jeep is coming out soon with the apps through "via mobile." On my Uconnect phone app I have "via mobile" but before the update today, when I clicked on it and it showed green, I didn't see any apps under the apps page. Curious if anyone has had any success with this yet? Now, after the newest update 13.19, it tells me that only select MY14 vehicles have that feature?

I would appreciate any help with these matters as my technical knowledge is limited as well as my knowledge of Uconnect (first Jeep).


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