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First off Hi everyone this is my first post, Ill try and keep it simple and sweet,
but theres been a chain of events that hopefully tell a story/ paint a picture.

-Recently Purchased an 08 GC CRD Overland, 184,000 kms,
-Was a used trade in at a dealer, upon pickup day they had problems with gas guage not reading properly apparantly when filling, said they changed a fuse and new AGM battery, all good!
-Drive home Check engine light on
-Checked codes (some may be previously stored) Generator fault, 02 sensor bank 1 Sensor 1, Fuel lvl Sensor A circuit.
-Cleared Codes
-Reset PCM (battery terminals off and connected together to drain internals)


-Changed Oil, full MB spec will oil filter and gaskets 9.5litres
-Starting to notice oil leak (possible there prior to oil change just didnt notice???)
-Removed and Cleaned all skid plates and oil gunk off everywhere to find source, main drip coming from driver side of bell housing, NOT from top but the side rather, have pics from through drivers side front wheel well, will post some soon.
-Pulled PCV valve , cleaned, replaced seal (showed some oil leak at 90 into crankcase, not much) and re installed.
-Read Over filling oil can trigger leaks, check level numerous times showing on max line, removed 1/4 to 1/2 litre or so , now reads in middle of min max.
-Leak appears to be less, and it is quite thin, clean, clear. as opposed to oil in my dipstick is already pretty black in color....

Next event:

-First time brought gas guage to warning light, (last 2 fillup were from half to full)
-Wife fills up 3/4 tank of fuel from popular diesel mobil 1 stop.
-Driving 50km/hr and step on it for a quik pass upto 65/70 km/hr and then enters limp mode, engine light came on as well Electronic throttle control electric bolt on dash
-Got home Checked engine light and (2) codes are : fuel rail pressure low, and something about the generator again

Ok now some side notes:
Checked voltage to battery and alternator seems to run fine battery was 14.6 volts with accessories running.
There was heavy oil sludge build up all around certain areas ( all from previous ownership) under battery, battery tray, driver side intercooler hose connection, intercooler itself at driver side and bottom and some on bottom of passenger side, Intercooler shows some good dents near bottom and i suspect possible leaks.

Now ive looked at the turbo inlet seal and it is the black seal but there was black underneath so clearly it was leaking oil from the ccv at somepoint good there, but thats not the source of my current clean oil leak im sure of it, I fear Oil cooler but i wanna be sure and it doesnt seem its coming from that area of the weep hole but i may be wrong as i cant see the weep hole to know exactly where it is.

- There has been poor throttle response lately , seemingly worsening upto that limp mode ordeal a few days ago.
-i cleared the codes for that and test drove upto 110km/hr not punching it and seemed to drive ok, still poor response

Heres my thoughts:
FUEL Filter needs replacing , shouldve done it already but have one ordered and will change soon ( hoping thats where i got the low fuel pressure ) assuming running the tank low brought particles and clogged it somewhat)

InterCooler im thinking i will change out with a used one in good condition, see a few in salvage about 100$ also wanna delete the resonator to the turbo downpipe as i noticed a bit of oil sludge on that and coming from one screw on the front. And hoping to cure the poor throttle response / bad turbo lag

I will be getting the GDE tune i just want to have the jeep tip top shape before i put on the tune and do the dpf delete, does that make sense? or Or should i do the tune as soon as possible as it might be the answer to some problems?
Im strongly Considering the EHM if i end up doing the intercooler to prevent any future build up...

I think thats it, Sorry it ended up being a long story but i needed to get it all out there, any help ? suggestions? comments? on any of that? thanks for your time:cool:
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